Mission phase 1: from twitter to identi.ca

I thought it would be simple:

1. Set up an identi.ca account.

2. Syndicate all my identi.ca posts to twitter, so my twitter-using friends can see them.

3. Send the twitter feeds I follow to identi.ca.

4. Never have to go to twitter.com again, since I can use identi.ca instead without missing anything.

Step 1 was easy enough. The identi.ca website is a little crowded and confusing. On identi.ca the main page displays a mega-feed of EVERYONE’s posts, and to see just the people you follow you have to select HOME in the top left.

To do step 2 I clicked SETTINGS at the top right, then TWITTER (bottom of the left menu) and connected my account. And my posts to identi.ca automatically get sent to my Twitter account. Joy!

Step 3 was not so straightforward though. I’m pretty sure I SHOULD be able to go to SETTINGS -> MIRRORING to add my twitter feeds to my identi.ca stream, but it doesn’t work.

So what I ended up doing is posting stuff to identi.ca but reading stuff in twitter.com, which is basically really silly and doesn’t at all accomplish the goal of not being on twitter.

Mission outcome: FAILURE

But I’ll be back.


One thought on “Mission phase 1: from twitter to identi.ca

  1. hope you’ll get it working – i’m waiting to see a way to transparently follow, be followed, and talk to twitter users w/o needing a twitter account, though.

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