I’ve got my own channel on beta.buddycloud.org. I get the feeling I’m the only one on there who isn’t a Buddycloud developer. On the face of it Buddycloud doesn’t seem like anything new, it’s just a Twitter-like feed, although posts aren’t limited to 140 characters. It all feels very new and buggy – for instance, you can’t even add profile information or add your own icon picture yet, and you can’t yet connect it to any other services.

Despite all this Buddycloud is the social network I’m most excited about, because I think they’re doing a really good job on the behind-the-scenes stuff. Buddycloud isn’t a website, it isn’t even a single social network, it’s a whole bunch of different things – webservers, web clients, and things that just send data between web servers and web clients. While all that stuff makes it harder to explain what Buddycloud is, it makes it easier for people to use it in a truly federated way – you can, for example, use beta.buddycloud.org as a place to store your data, but write your own webclient, if you don’t like the default one. They seem to have federation as a core goal – even though the webclient barely works yet there is already an Atom API, which really warms the cockles of my heart because it shows that federation is being prioritised over making a pretty website.



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