Mission 4: desktop microblogging client (Choqok)

I wrote earlier about creating an account on identi.ca, the open Twitter alternative. I like using identi.ca but most of the people I know (or whose micro-posts I’m interested in reading) use Twitter. I wanted to merge my twitter feed into my identi.ca feed, so I could switch to non-Twitter-centric microblogging without missing anything, but I couldn’t get this to work on the identi.ca website.

In my search for a solution encountered an idea that’s so old it must surely be on the verge of developing some sort of retro coolness by now: using actual desktop applications instead of doing everything in the web browser. I use Ubuntu, so I had quite a few microblogging clients to choose from. I tried Choqok, Gwibber, Hotot, and Turpial. The results:

– I couldn’t get Gwibber to connect to my Twitter account.

– Hotot and Turpial both only connect to one account – so I could look at either my Twitter or my identi.ca, but not both. With Hotot you can open as many instances as you want, and look at mulptiple accounts that way, but I found that annoying in terms of useability and it cluttered up my desktop.

– Choqok wins: it’s the simplest to set up and use, and it shows me two tabs, one with my Twitter stream and one with my identi.ca. This makes me feel mighty, like: BEHOLD MY VAST MICROBLOGGING EMPIRE, ALL THE STREAMS ARE MINE TO CONTROL!! The interface isn’t very pretty, but Choqok is the best in terms of useability.

Mission status: SUCCESS